Lab in the News

October, 2022: Receiving CZI Science Diversity Leadership Award in 2022

October, 2022: Rare Disease BioScience Nonprofit Will Depart Boston for Greater New Haven (Featuring Kaiyue Ma and Shushu Huang)

July, 2022: Shushu Huang – Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Development Grant

June, 2022: Decoding the genetics of rare disease: an interview with Monkol Lek

June, 2022: SFARI workshop explores mitochondrial dysfunction in autism (Featuring Nicole Lake)

June, 2022: Unlocking the mitochondrial genome for autism research (Featuring Nicole Lake)

May, 2022: Single Cell Analysis Technologies Help Generate Unprecedented Maps of Disease

February, 2022: International Day of Women and Girls in Science: MDA’s Spotlight on Dr. Angela Lek

November, 2021: Muscular Dystrophy Association Names Angela Lek as Vice President for Research

September, 2021: CZI Award $3 Million to Researchers to Build Pediatric Cell Atlas of Skeletal Muscle

August, 2021: Yale Geneticist With Rare Disease to Build Pediatric Cell Atlas of Skeletal Muscle

July, 2021: 2021 Best Poster Award goes to Alec DeSimone

April, 2021: Team Led by Monkol Lek Advances Past Pre-IND Phase with DMD Gene Therapy

February, 2021: Overcoming Obstacles: Building a Successful Career in an Inaccessible World (Featuring Justin Cohen)

December, 2020: MDA Portraits of Ability Campaign

November, 2020: Global Genes Rare Champion of Hope 2000 Awardee

May, 2020: COVID-19 Update from AAA-Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar Monkol Lek

April, 2020: Nonprofit Muscular Dystrophy Association seeks donations during pandemic

December, 2019: Ways to make meetings accessible

November, 2019: Justin Cohen: Living With FSHD, And Efforting To Find A Cure

October, 2019: Advocacy in a lab coat: Patients play a role in every aspect of research (Page 11 – Featuring Justin Cohen)

June, 2019: Researcher with FSHD Awarded MDA Funding to Discover New Therapies for the Disease (Featuring Justin Cohen)

January, 2019: Nicole Lake – American Australian Association Qantas Scholar 2019

July, 2018: Chris Carrino on the inspiration of daily living (Featuring Justin Cohen)

June, 2018: All in the genes (Featuring Nicole Lake)

February, 2018: The University of Tartu announced three scholarship recipients at the anniversary event (Featuring Sander Pajusalu)

My Journey with Muscular Dystrophy into Academia

“Taking control of our genetic destiny” on TEDx Sydney 2019

“Yale researcher became a geneticist to help fight his own rare disease” on New Haven Register

“Yale School of Medicine rare disease researcher is also a patient” on Yale Medicine Magazine

“From Cambodian refugee to Yale, Australian scientist takes on his own disease” on Australian ABC News

“Researcher with LGMD Aims to Bring Genetic Diagnoses to People Around the World” on Muscular Dystrophy Association website

“Interview with Daniel MacArthur and Monkol Lek” on Broad Ignite Podcast

“Monkol Lek on his humble Blacktown beginnings to the forefront of science at Harvard” on the Daily Telegraph

“The Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAC) database: shedding light on human genetic variation” – video made by Broad Institute Communication for the General Public

“How Data-Wranglers Are Building the Great Library of Genetic Variation” on the Atlantic by my favorite blogger Ed Yong

“We’re all different in our DNA. We’re finally starting to understand when those differences matter” on STAT

An article in Chinese that students from Prof Hongwen Zhou’s lab wrote about my journey